Coffee date - 200 Chat & get a feel for our chemistry in a public place. You have my time guaranteed for an hour and a half, more at my discretion. Light physical intimacy-- hugging and hand holding. A great way to establish comfort levels and build towards another date. The option to extend into an outcall session on the same day may be available, but is not guaranteed depending on my schedule.

Outcall within San Diego county

1 hr- 500 Offered at my discretion for my returning suitors once we are acquainted with each other.

1.5 hr- 600 The minimum time if it's your first time seeing me. Most who have booked shorter regret it once they meet me. Extensions offered at my discretion and can vary.

2 hr- 700 Enough time for leisurely unrushed play, though even then sometimes it feels too short. Want something a little longer? + 100 for each additional hour.

Dinner Date, 5 hr - 1000 Choose this option if you think we can share good conversation and greater chemistry. Delicious food goes very, very far in setting the mood for me. There's always the option to cook something at home together too.

Overnight, 18 hr - 2300 Adult play date and sleepover...so many possibilities. A fun night out or in. We can catch a show, visit a museum, do something active. Minimum 6 hrs required for sleeping (and cuddling). Perhaps breakfast in the morning?

Incall within San Diego county

add $200, to be sent as a deposit

Touring - add 100 when I am touring away from home

I travel infrequently for short amounts of time. Tours are posted on twitter. I am happy to visit your city when I have sufficient pre-bookings to sponsor a tour. That means enough potential suitors complete screening, indicate desired date length, send a deposit when the time comes. Emailing me "when are you coming to _____" will not bring me there any sooner. If you wish to sponsor a tour get in touch with your screening information.

Fly Me to You - base rate plus cost of travel and lodging

You know that we must meet. You do not want to wait for me to get enough pre-bookings-- which might never happen! Fly me to your location for an exclusive date. Other options include traveling together to your dream vacation spots.


  • All dates over 3 hours should include a meal. I have a fast metabolism. Hanger (hunger + anger) makes for a subpar, lackluster experience that I'm simply not interested in.

  • Dates over 5 hours will include at least 2 hours of social activity. That can be going out to eat, practicing some yoga together, hiking, biking, walking, watching a movie, playing a board game...feel free to suggest ideas.

  • Overnights must reserve at least 6 hours for sleeping. I am not a machine and actually going "all night long" is in most cases not a desirable thing. If that's your fantasy then our date needs to include some other scheduled time for me to get uninterrupted rest!


Screening is mandatory. I practice discretion and ask for this information for my personal safety. Do not contact me if you are unable to meet these requirements.

(1) A picture of you holding your ID. Full name and date of birth visible. Your actual face should be visible and match with image on the ID.

(2) Please pick one of the following

(A) Employment information: place of work and proof such as LinkedIn profile, phone number where I can verify, work email address, or paystub.


(B) References from another provider. Multiple references appreciated. When sending references please include names, website or listings, contact information and details that will help past providers remember you.

(3) Proof of COVID vaccination. I am no longer accepting test results now that vaccines are available for free in the U.S. I am fully vaccinated and can share proof.

Deposit: required for all clients, new or returning. I accept Cashapp, Bitcoin, Amazon GC. Once appointment details are agreed upon, send 20% deposit to confirm your session with me. The deposit will count toward your total.

Cash etiquette: The remainder is due at the start of our date in cash. You may tuck the notes inside of an envelop, card, book or other discreet carrier placed in plain view or at a location that we agree upon. I will confirm the amount while freshening up in the restroom.

All money exchanged is for time and companionship ONLY. Cash is not payment for any particular activities such as sexual acts or physical intimacy that we may discuss or engage in during our private date between consenting adults.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel with a full day notice your deposit is refunded minus a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice or you cancel an incall session, deposit is not refunded. If I have to cancel for any reason, I will refund you the deposit in full.

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