Dreamy alternative companion

Available in San Diego and via FMTY

// 2021 Travel Dates //

Los Angeles, CA

April 10-11

San Francisco, CA

April 13-15

San Francisco, CA

August 13-24

a southeast asian person with short black hair stands barefoot on a sandy beach against a mossy green rock. they are wearing red lingerie set consisting of a bralette, thong, and garter belt. their hands touch the rock lightly while they gaze out toward the ocean.

Genderfluid pixie with a penchant for making you work up a sweat.

I am petite but not delicate. Slim and toned build with something to hold onto. Ethnically ambiguous in appearance. Tomboy, girly, androgynous, punk. I enjoy experimenting with my look and I’m seeking someone who is not bothered by that.

Ideally if you’re talking to me, it means you are drawn to variety and range of expression!

Body positive— all shapes and sizes welcome, especially black/AA & POC clients.

Give me a pass on mediocre or boring meetings. Approach me with the intention of mutuality and I will accompany you to the most delicious destinations.

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