what do these words mean?

nonbinary (gender identity): identifying as neither man nor woman

pansexual (sexual orientation): attracted to people of many gender expressions

androgynous (gender expression): in appearance a divine balance of masculine/feminine aspects

ok but how do i ask about your genitalia?

What you want to know about is my sex. For simplicity's sake, I was assigned "female" at birth and have had no surguries nor am I on hormone replacement therapy.

what are your pronouns?

I don't have any that I am attached to. You can use they/them/theirs; he/him/his; she/her/hers. You do not have to be consistent with how you use them.

what is your ethnicity?

I am Vietnamese.

where can i find more pictures of you?

Please see my directory. You'll find my social media accounts as well as Onlyfans and other sites where you can see my naughty content. The best way to find more free pics of me by checking the "media" tab on my twitter.

do you provide anything "bare"?

Absolutely not.

what if I donate more?

There is no amount that would convince me to.

what are some of your interests?

My main love is cycling. I ride a road bike and would like to live car-free eventually. Other things I enjoy are: cooking new recipes, learning about native plants of southern California, casual hiking, reading (you can see my book wishlist here).

what kind of food / drinks do you enjoy?

For me, food can be a turn on. My palate is always expanding. Simple foods prepared with care and attention are underrated. I like things that can be eaten with rice from nearly any culture (Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Ethiopian, Jamaican, Filipino). I like soup and noodles and especially soupy noodles.

Sweet/salty/spicy contrasts. Tropical fruits such as mango, lychee, jackfruit. Things wrapped in banana leaf. Fermented, cultured, pickled, and raw foods.

I am sensitive to wheat and gluten. I love desserts and dark chocolate. I like coffee on the darker side, earl grey tea, aguas frescas if they're less sweet, kefir sodas and sparkling water. I'll rarely drink alcohol but don't mind if you partake in moderation.

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