what do these words mean?

nonbinary (gender identity): identifying as neither man nor woman

pansexual (sexual orientation): attracted to people of many gender expressions

androgynous (gender expression): in appearance a divine balance of masculine/feminine aspects

ok but how do i ask about your genitalia?

What you want to know about is my sex. I was assigned female at birth and have no surguries nor am I on hormone replacement therapy.

what are your pronouns?

I don't have any that I am attached to. You can use they/them/theirs; he/him/his; she/her/hers. You do not have to be consistent with how you use them.

what is your ethnicity?

I am Vietnamese.

where can i find more pictures of you?

switter -svgwhitelotus

twitter - svgwhitelotus

Instagram - xuanrayne

SnapChat - xuanrayne

do you provide anything "bare"?

Absolutely not.

what if I donate more?

There is no amount that would convince me to.

what are some of your interests?

My main love is cycling. I ride a road bike and would like to live car-free eventually.

Other things I enjoy are: cooking new recipes, learning about native plants of southern California, hiking (casual, not hardcore at all), reading.

what types of food do you enjoy?

Vegetarian-leaning but not strict. My palate is always expanding.

I like things that can be eaten with rice. Curries-- Thai, Indian. Soup and noodles and especially soupy noodles. Sweet/salty/spicy contrasts. Tropical fruits such as mango, lychee, jackfruit.

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