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I suggest using Signal app for end-to-end encrypted messaging (available on android and iOS) and a secure email service such as protonmail to practice discretion and protect your privacy.


For most inquiries, use the secure booking form below to receive priority. You may expedite the screening process by sending your photo ID selfie and covid test / vaccination proof to my email or text number. Be sure you understand my deposit and cancellation policy. Sincere inquiries will include an introduction and offer screening information within 2 messages. Messages lacking information will be ignored or redirected back to this website via a copypaste message.


Clients: Ask before giving my name and contact as a reference. Remind me of the date / time of our most recent meeting. A little tip or gift card is much appreciated though not necessary.

Colleagues: I am happy to provide references regarding clients I have met within the last 2 years. It would be helpful to include your social media handles, website, or listings when contacting me to indicate you are an established provider. All references are offered free of charge with the goal of helping you stay safe and with the hope that you will be treated respectfully. I expect confedentiality between us as professionals. Please do NOT discuss anything I share with a client. If I vouch for someone who does not treat you well, please let me know so that I can stop providing references for them.

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